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Developers Unite!

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Developers are the folks who program and design your favorite games, apps, websites, and more. Working together, it's no secret the MLP fandom has spawned some amazing collaborative projects. At BronyCon 2016, the #ponydev community has put together a series of talks for anyone to enjoy - whether you're just curious about what it takes to build a game or a hardcore hacker.


Our Pony Developers & Coders Panel is on Sunday at 2:30pm. After the panel, you'll find links to slides, resources, and a video recording below.

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Here is where you can find the #ponydev team and friends during BronyCon 2016 (admission is required to attend panels):

Wednesday July 6



New AOL Building

Come hang with Baltimore's local developer community and talk all things JavaScript at AOL. (I promise that's not a typo!)

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Profile picture of speaker Building a Music Platform in Angular

by Victor @lablayers

Thursday July 7


Aquarium Tour

Baltimore Aquarium $31.95 Adults

Come on out an explore wildlife at one of Baltimore's most famous landmarks! We booked a group tour at a discounted rate - meet us at 12pm SHARP.


Brony Bar Trot

Fells Point $20+ 21+ Only

For 21+ attendees, the Bar Trot is by far our most attended Thursday activity. Last year, 500 bronies took to the streets and bars of Fell's Point. This year, the crew at Crawl Baltimore are expecting to double that number! Explore some of Baltimore's best bars, pubs, and restaurants, all while enjoying three featured shooters, deep discounts on food and drinks, guides, cover free admission and hundreds of Bronies.

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Friday July 8


How to Draw Ponies with the MLP Drawing School

Hall of the Sun

Learn how to draw ponies with the MLP Drawing School! We will teach you how to draw ponies on your own from the basics to more advanced material. Join fandom artists as they demonstrate and answer your questions on how to draw ponies.

Saturday July 9


SFM-Ponies: Filming Is Magic

Hall of the Planets

Sit down and enjoy some animated shorts from the Source Filmmaker Ponies community and hear their creative approaches to making 3D animation with Valve's Source engine.


Poniverse: Building a Supercommunity Panel

Hall of the Planets

Bronies are more than just fans: we're inspired by My Little Pony. From to MLP Forums, come learn how Poniverse is building an ambitious network of sites to serve as a platform for whatever sparks your passion.


Shattered Kingdom Game

Hall of the Stars

Determine the fate of Equestria! Join Alicorn Games as they show off never-before-seen content from the story-oriented, turn-based strategy game Shattered Kingdom.

Sunday July 10


Legends of Equestria

Hall of the Planets

The team behind Legends of Equestria, the popular online game, returns to BronyCon to show off new features of the game and give you a glimpse behind the curtain in game development.


Creating and Moderating Online Communities

Hall of the Stars

Moderators from prominant online brony hangouts discuss what it's like to moderate groups dedicated to small colorful equines. They'll share moderation techniques, and give tips on how to start your own community.


Pony Developer & Coders Panel

Hall of the Stars

The mane event packed with lightning talks from the pony tech community. Hear stories from developers and designers on fan projects, and find out how to contribute in your own way! ⚡

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What Developers Do,
How to Get Started

Profile picture of speaker

Pony Clicker

by Cloud Hop @blackhole0173

Profile picture of speaker

Building Convention Websites

by Victor @lablayers

Profile picture of speaker

BetterPonyMotes for Discord

by Chalcedon @ByzantineFail

Profile picture of speaker

Legends of Equestria: Organizing groups and getting others interested in your ideas

by SavanaPope

Profile picture of speaker

MLP in Academia: Using the Fandom as a Dataset

by Alex

Profile picture of speaker

Shattered Kingdom

by Katie @KatharineBerry

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How to Get Involved with Your Favorite Project,
Group Photo

Group photo

Monday July 11


Early Morning Stroll

Sheraton Lobby

A relaxed walk/slow jog through south Baltimore before hotel chekc-out. Stopping by Federal Hill, Riverside Park, Cross Street Market, Federal Hill, and Harbor Connector Ferry. (2h15m, departs 6am sharp)

Tuesday July 12

6:30pm Baltimore Super Meetup


Still in Baltimore for whatever reason? Come to hang out with the local tech scene and discover what Baltimore has to offer!

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Friday July 15



All of Baltimore

I'm certain you should be home by now and gotten the hell out of Baltimore ages ago, but still feel like hanging around? Alright, well there's an huge public art exhibition you should check out!   Bronies-Baltimore Meetup  

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Future Meetups

Looking for more ponies? The #ponydev community also be organizing panels and/or meetups at these upcoming conventions:


Otakon logo with blue fan in middle

August 12-14
Baltimare, MD


BronyCan logo with red alicorn

August 19-21
Richmond, BC


FillyCon logo with golden bubble 'FC' letters on a teal outline

August 26-28
Fillydelphia, PA